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Advantages of Solid Wood Furniture

Solid wood furniture (pure solid wood furniture) style is simple and natural, raw materials are relatively more environmental protection, to meet the psychological return to nature. But young people like solid wood less. Main drawback of solid wood furniture is easy be out of shape, maintain rise more difficult. Cannot let sunshine direct illuminate for instance, cannot be too cold overheat, too dry with wet environment is inadvisable to solid wood furniture; If there is no attention in use, frequent switch air conditioning caused by excessive temperature and humidity changes, even qualified solid wood furniture products will sometimes deformation, cracking phenomenon, it can be said that no matter what wood, how exquisite workmanship, it is difficult to avoid these problems.

Features of Solid Wood Furniture

1. Natural, environmental protection and healthy

Solid wood furniture reveal the beauty of nature and primitive. The reason of real wood furniture long prosperous do not decline, from color analysis, depend on its natural wood instinctive quality. Furniture of log color already natural, do not have chemical pollution again, this is healthy fashionable choice really, accord with the psychological demand that modern urbanite advocates nature. On the choice that pledges next, with domestic real wood furniture is an example, sort basically has: beech, teak, maple, oak, oak, oak, ash, elm, poplar, pine, among them wood of ash, ju, oak is rare. These materials come from nature and reflect the harmonious relationship between people and environment. Designers like to use these materials. By adding the modern design concept of people-oriented and nature-oriented, the distance between people and materials and between people and nature can be closer and give people a kind of intimacy.Again, environmental protection decorates real wood furniture to be market leading role.In the process that solid wood furniture is being processed, compare with the furniture of those man-made board, with glue quantity is quite little.The environmental protection sex that how much affects furniture with glue quantity is discretion.

2. Long service life.The service life of board type furniture is general 3-5 years.The service life of solid wood furniture is 5 times above of board type furniture.

3. Solid wood home with store value function, at the same time to the home environment to bring warm and moist "wood gas", so quite popular among high-end consumers.Its advantage is to reflect nature: natural grain, changeful configuration, furniture surface can see the decorative pattern with beautiful lumber commonly.

4. Solid wood furniture has its own unique style solid wood furniture from natural raw materials, set in a natural essence, and the real show the distinctive taste of solid wood furniture, high-grade, thick, will enjoy a long history of the combination of Chinese traditional culture and modern fashion elements, into the design of furniture, given new connotation for furniture, the furniture design more humane, practical, modern and create a new fashion for solid wood furniture, furniture of new tide.

In recent years bespoke furniture gets the welcome of consumer bespoke furniture greatly in our modern life relatively common, in order to save time and effort a lot of consumer do not like to go to entity store to buy furniture, choose to bespoke manufacturer and undertake bespoke on the net, so what does the advantage that the furniture bespoke service that flower airline provides have?

1.Quality Guarantee

Factory mechanization production, product quality control, so that each piece of furniture to ensure the same quality.Traditional furniture production methods due to the construction workers' proficiency level is not uniform, the quality of raw materials used and the construction site environment, so that the quality of furniture varies.

2.Diverse Styles

Now when we are choosing furniture, it is not simple to look at the appearance and quality, style is also very important.The characteristic of custom furniture is to create different styles of furniture to change our life.Contemporary and contracted style makes the style that we love most, but contemporary and contracted style is not onefold a kind of style, contemporary and contracted also can have a lot of outspread, these are the characteristic of custom-made furniture, be not in the restriction that suffers a kind of style.

3.The Acceleration of Efficiency

Customized furniture construction period is short, field assembly only 1-3 days; The lead time is only 5 to 10 days.However, the construction period of traditional hand-made furniture on site is long, which affects the life and increases the cost.

4.Adjust Measures to Local Conditions

The third feature of customized furniture is that it is not limited by the space of any place. We all know that the design of each consumer's home is different, and the size and type of furniture required are also different. However, the furniture in physical stores is finished products that have been designed.We have very little choice.The characteristic of customized furniture is to break all the limitations and customize according to the design of our home. In this way, our furniture will be very suitable and will not be too large or too small. 

5.Cheap and fine When we choose and buy furniture, we always want to buy a piece of furniture with a nice price. Characteristic of custom furniture is made it real good and inexpensive, first of all we direct contact with the custom furniture is a manufacturer, all of the material is our own choice, not through any intermediary thus directly save a large sum of money, this is also one of the characteristics of custom furniture, this feature is also the reason why many consumers like custom furniture.

Service Concept

Our company staff has been adhering to the "quality of survival, reputation and development" business philosophy, "customer satisfaction is the standard for the evaluation of our work" as the purpose of service, based on zhongshan, facing the country, shaping fine products for the purpose of the enterprise;To integrity and dedication, creative special, efficient service for the trend of The Times;With our strength and integrity to become people satisfied with the brand furniture enterprises.

Service Advantages

We have been with high quality management, high level design and after-sales service, to "quality brand" style to let customers truly realize the value for money.

Design Advantage

Our company has a number of professional designers and high-quality construction team, with rich practical experience and rigorous work style, systematic modern management mode, perfect service system and special business mode.Our products are full of modern flavor and idealistic color, with professional accomplishment, rich experience, to create exquisite quality products.

Product Advantage

All wood furniture with high quality rubber wood, northeast birch, European beech.

Implementation of strict and efficient management system, to standardize the flow of the factory, to ensure the quality of each piece of furniture.