The Designer Teaches You 3 Steps To Choose A Dining Table And Chair

- Nov 21, 2020-

The purchase of dining tables and chairs has always been a headache for many home furnishers, because it involves many aspects, such as size, material and style. Don't worry, today a senior designer will teach you 3 simple steps to choose a practical dining table and chair. Let's learn together!


Choose according to style

When choosing a dining table and chair, you must first pay attention to whether it matches the whole home decoration style. You can't blindly choose only the good-looking ones, which you like, or improper matching will appear cumbersome.

Because there will definitely be gaps in the matching of dining tables and chairs with different decoration styles. For example, simple style dining tables and chairs are not suitable for matching in gorgeous European-style homes. They will appear out of place and look not elegant and beautiful. At present, the common dining table and chair styles on the market include Nordic minimalist style, American country style, modern minimalist style, etc. You can choose according to actual needs.

1) Nordic minimalist style

Scandinavian style dining tables and chairs generally prefer black, white and gray tones. They are mainly made of solid wood, abandoning the complicated shape, and have a life style. The combination is placed in the restaurant and matched with other Nordic decorations, which is full of beauty. Especially the Nordic style dining chair with solid wood frame and leather art cushion, environmentally friendly and healthy, high stability, simple shape exudes retro colors, and has a natural sense of Nordic style.

2) American country style

American country style dining tables and chairs are also very popular. They are full of retro and elegant charm, with a sense of gentleness and individuality, which can make people feel the breath of nature surrounding the restaurant. At the same time, when we dine on the American country style dining table and chairs, we can instantly feel relaxed and at ease, so it is very popular among young people.

3) Modern and simple style

Of course, the modern minimalist style is also a very popular home decoration style in recent years. It advocates simplicity but not simplicity. Without too much tedious decoration, the whole home can look stylish and unique. The simple and stylish dining tables and chairs are mostly combined with solid wood or marble, with a modern style, simple and capable lines, beautiful and practical, which can add a lot to the restaurant.

Summary: Whether it is Nordic style, American style or modern style, you also need to consider the color matching of dining table and chair when choosing. Try not to choose fancy, high-saturated colors, so as not to match them too conspicuously and affect aesthetics .

wooden table and chair

Choose according to easy cleanliness

Secondly, when choosing a dining table and chairs, everyone should consider whether the table top material is anti-corrosive, wear-resistant and easy to take care of. After all, we often eat on this table and it is easy to be contaminated with oil. If it is troublesome to clean, it will affect the overall dining table and chair. effect.

1) Marble material

The marble tabletop is equipped with leather seats, giving people a combination of hardness and softness. And the warm luster of the marble all reveals the noble temperament, and the marble material is very clean. Once it is stained with oil or dust, wipe it with a clean damp cloth.

2) Glass material

There are also many tables made of tempered glass on the market. This material can be combined with other materials well, with concise lines and transparent visual effects. The important thing is that the glass material is also more convenient to take care of. When there is oil stains on the desktop, wipe it with a rag and detergent to clean it as new.

3) Solid wood material

The dining table and chairs made of solid wood have a warm and thick texture, the texture is natural and beautiful, and the surface is flat and smooth. And now many solid wood dining tables and chairs have a layer of transparent paint on the surface, which is bright in color, stable, smooth and wear-resistant, and is also very convenient to take care of. Solid wood dining tables such as ash and birch are good choices, beautiful and easy to clean.

4) Iron material

In addition to the above materials, there are also wrought-iron stainless steel dining tables, which are not widely used at present. However, the dining table of this material has a sense of fashion, and the product is durable and easy to clean. It is a very strong and durable dining table type, especially suitable for young people who are pursuing individual home decoration!

Summary: Marble dining tables and chairs and glass dining tables and chairs are very easy to clean, and are very suitable for friends who often eat at home. Compared with marble and glass, solid wood is slightly less easy to clean and has a longer working time. Fixed, young friends who have time to take care of it can give it a try. And friends who seldom eat at home and are more pursuing individual life can consider iron dining tables and chairs, which may be more practical!

Marble table and chari

Choose according to comfort

In addition, when we choose a dining table and chair, we must also consider its comfort. If sitting on a dining chair is obviously uncomfortable or it is always difficult to pick up dishes, then it is not recommended to buy. Now in the market, in order to let users have a better sense of use, new functional designs such as rotation and deformation have been added to the dining table and chairs, so that it will be convenient for everyone to eat comfortably!

1) Rotating dining table and chair

In the past, our common dining tables were nothing more than squares, rectangles, or rounds. The functions were relatively simple. It would be inconvenient to pick up dishes at a far distance when dining together in a large family. The round table has a rotating function, so the table can be rotated, and you can go to any dishes you want to eat. You don't have to think about getting up and bending over and trying hard to pick up dishes. The dining comfort is greatly improved.

2) Deformation function dining table and chair

For a small apartment, it seems difficult to have a large dining table and chair that does not occupy an area. However, since the appearance of dining tables and chairs with folding, shrinking and deformation functions, such troubles have been easily solved, and they usually use fixed forms for meals at home. When you come to your home and need to cook a large table of dishes, you can transform it into a suitable shape in this situation, which is more practical and more comfortable to use.

Summary: If you have a large number of people at home and often entertain guests, it is recommended that you choose a dining table with a rotating function, which will be more comfortable to use. If your home is a small apartment or renting a house, you can try a dining table with shrinking or folding function, which is more convenient and comfortable to use and more practical.