Outdoor Lounge Chairs Bring A Better Life To Your Life

- Jul 20, 2019-

The outdoor lounge chair is an imitation of the warm embrace of life, and the extreme comfort of the lounge chair is like the soft embrace of the parents. Busy after a day, returning home, the most comfortable is to put down the tired body, throw yourself into the favorite "mount" to relax completely, from the design and shape of many outdoor lounge chairs we can appreciate, its The center and the center of gravity are: to reflect the care of the products to people, let the products actively adapt to people, not to adapt to products.

The outdoor leisure chair's skeleton and shell are made of stainless steel, the interior is a soft cotton heart, and the outer surface is a cloth jacket for easy removal and washing. Some lounge chairs have small tables underneath, which can be pulled out when needed, with food and drinks on them. The backrest adopts a design suitable for the curve of the back of the human body and a curved knife-shaped leg. The beautiful shape and reasonable functional structure make it comfortable to lie on the cloud, just want to sleep sweetly.

The local shape and scale of the chair have a great influence on the use. Such as: it determines the height of the backrest and armrests. Considering the anatomical features of the human body, the human hip muscles are rich and firm, and it is one of the most pressure-resistant parts of the human body. Therefore, a suitable seat should be designed so that the center of gravity of the upper body falls on the bones of the buttocks.

1. If the sitting surface is too high and the sitting surface is too high, the legs will be suspended, and the leg muscles will be pressed, and the upper leg, lower leg and back muscles will be pulled. It will take a long time to fatigue.

2. The sitting surface is too low. When the sitting surface is too low to the knee angle or less than 90°, the body pressure is too concentrated. The extrusion of the abdominal muscles does not guarantee the proper state of the lumbar vertebrae of the person's waist, affecting the back muscles and increasing the back. The load time of the muscles can cause pain and discomfort to cause fatigue.

3. The width of the sitting surface refers to the width of the front surface of the sitting surface. The width of the sitting surface is too narrow. In addition to being restrained and not properly used, the muscles on both sides of the body will be squeezed; the width of the sitting surface is too wide. The two arms must extend outward, stretching the tendon tissue such as the latissimus dorsi and the shoulder deltoid muscle. Both of them are prone to fatigue.

4. The length of the backrest has a large dynamic range, and there is no need for a backrest; static work and dynamic rest to obtain corresponding support without hindering work and activities, the height of the backrest can be gradually increased from the lower first and second lumbar vertebrae, the highest The shoulder blade and neck can be reached; while the static rest can require the length of the backrest to support the head.