Outdoor Chair Features

- Jul 20, 2019-

Outdoor Park Chair Material Characteristics: Wood can be imported anti-corrosive wood, camphor wood or green plastic wood.

1. Antiseptic wood characteristics: natural wood added antioxidant preservatives to change the original nutrient composition of wood fibers, has reached the effect of inhibiting biology, microparasitism, reproduction and erosion, prolonging the service life of wood in the outdoor environment.

2. Characteristics of imported camphor wood: It is produced in Southeast Asia and is one of the well-known natural antiseptic tree species. The difference between heartwood and sapwood is obvious. The heartwood is reddish brown and the sapwood is yellow. Camphor wood has excellent properties such as hard material, high strength, straight texture, fine structure, small deformation, luster, corrosion resistance and termite resistance. It is the first choice of outdoor garden leisure products.