Make Smart Use Of The Color Dining Chair To Easily Create A Sense Of Home!

- Feb 18, 2020-

Install according to pictures, according to other people's home decoration, according to effect drawings ... No matter how you install, there will always be a gap in the actual effect of the final installation, unless the designer helps you choose materials, furniture and accessories, It's not as easy as you think to create the sense of "seeing". Today I will introduce the "colored dining chair" to everyone. With it, you will find that the high-level sense of building a home does not need to be so "hard"!

Dining chairs of the same color affect the existence of the space "soul"


The use of several dining chairs of the same color makes the dining chair no longer only have the function of "sit" in the space, but also makes it the existence of the "soul" that affects the space. Its repeated appearance of the same color makes people have to pay attention to it, and then affect the feeling of the entire space.

Two color dining chairs, balance and "break" balance coexist


Two colors of dining chairs exist at the same time, each color is two or more. One color can be used to adjust the atmosphere, and one color can be used to echo and balance the environment. It can achieve unity with the space and "break" the slightly "stiff" space "character" brought by the unity, making the entire Family space is "full of sense of quality"!

Multi-colored dining chairs show the personality of the owner


Several colors and even several styles of dining chairs are put together. I think the owner of the house "attached" his unrestrained, eclectic, trying, and challenging personality to their "body", and the home style is also living Character, I think it has a good manifestation in them!

Dining chair with metal material, "exquisite sense" of space


The same or different dining chair, or its "full body", or its "skeleton" or even its "legs", after "plating gold", it brings "a sense of refinement" to the family space And "senior sense" is self-evident.

With so many colors of dining chairs, how should I choose?

1. Match with the wall


With the color of the wall where the dining chair space is placed, the overall wall of the space is a method that will never go wrong.

2. Match with lamps


When choosing the lamps, you will definitely choose one that matches the overall space, so it is also good to match the "color" of the dining chair with the lamps. As long as the metal dining lamp is selected, the metal chair can be provided with metal; if the lamp has a color, choose one, two or several dining chairs to match.

3. Match with furniture


White dining chair with cabinet; blue dining chair with blue decoration; gray dining chair with ground; black dining chair with lighting and dining table

4. With accessories


A hanging picture that matches the interior "brings" the pink dining chair into the home, which is a perfect match for the home environment. The metal part of the chair corresponds to the dining table.

5. Match the environment


Sometimes, it may not be matched with any "object", and it is a match with the surrounding environment itself. For example, the blue and white dining chairs, yellow and orange dining lamps, wooden dining tables and cabinets, green vases and accessories, yellow flowers ... various colors, vibrant, springy, cold and warm colors are just right .

Many times we will pay more attention to the living room. Considering the ceiling, floor, TV wall, sofa wall, and even curtains of the living room, we can choose a set of sofas. , The restaurant can just choose one, as far as the dining chair does not put so much energy on it, but as a "high attendance" furniture, it has a great "dressing effect" on the home influences!

In my opinion, no matter which color the dining chair chooses, its brightness and purity must be consistent with the overall interior style.