How To Tell The Quality Of Furniture

- Jul 25, 2019-

Furniture is a part of our lives, but how to tell the quality of furniture? To avoid unnecessary trouble for our lives.

1. If the wood moisture content of the furniture is high, and the interior of the furniture uses decaying wood or wood that the insects continue to erode, then this is also a poor quality furniture. We must not choose such furniture when buying furniture.

2, the purchase of furniture depends on the use of materials, the quality of the furniture is seriously unreasonable furniture is not good.

3. See if the functional size of the furniture meets the requirements of the standard.

4, leather sofa to distinguish the quality of good, such as the sofa interior wood moisture content is high, the board is thin, with bark, the use of chopped wood, decaying materials and worms are not good furniture.

5, if it is frame furniture, but also pay attention to the structure of the furniture is not nail structure, such as not open, no eye, no glue, loose structure, weak furniture are bad quality furniture, when buying furniture Never buy this type of furniture.