How To Reasonably Arrange Dining Hall Dining Tables And Chairs

- Sep 29, 2020-

Most of the dining tables in the canteen are made of stainless steel and plastic. The canteen is a place for public eating. Where are the canteens? There are some canteens in schools, canteens in office buildings, and some places that serve public services. canteen. Some snack bars will also be designed in the same way as canteens. There must be a dining table in the canteen. If there is no table in the canteen, it is not convenient for people to sit down and eat. So do you know the sizes of dining tables in the cafeteria?

dining chair

1. Size

Common size reference for dining tables and chairs in canteens

(1) Table height: 750-790mm

(2) The height of the dining chair; 450-500mm

(3) Round table diameter: 500mm for two persons, 800mm for two persons, 900mm for four persons, 1100mm for five persons, 1100-1250mm for six persons, 1300mm for eight persons, l500mm for ten persons, 1800mm for twelve persons

(4) Square table size: 700×850(mm) for two persons, 1350×850(mm) for four persons, 2250×850(mm) for eight persons;

(5) Diameter of the turntable of the dining table: 600-800mm, the distance between the dining tables: (where the seat occupies 500mm) should be greater than 500.

2. Quality

In the production of dining hall dining tables and chairs, the texture and texture of the materials determine the special feeling of the product's appearance quality. Wood is a natural material with natural texture, beautiful appearance, lifelike image, good hand feeling, and easy processing and coloring. It is the first-class material for the production of dining hall dining tables and chairs. Plastic and its synthetic materials have the characteristics of simulating the texture of various natural materials and have good coloring properties, but they are prone to aging and are easily deformed by heat. The use of this to produce furniture has limited service life and scope of use.

Three, fashion trends

At present, plate dining tables and chairs and steel-wood combined dining tables and chairs occupy more than 80% of the furniture market. The export of dining tables and chairs is mainly based on European fashion and popular styles, and the folding type is more popular and easier to export. The supporting tables and chairs of fast food restaurants are very popular among consumers at home and abroad. The diversified design of the styles of dining tables and chairs is bound to be a good development direction and can get a good development prospect.

Four, choose

When choosing the dining room dining table and chairs, pay attention to choosing the table top and the stool surface, as well as the three parts of the table frame.

The chair surface mainly depends on whether the epidermis has stuttering, and the one without stuttering is high-quality; the second is to see whether the paint is smooth: good paint has excellent material selection, good sealing, smooth paint film, otherwise, it is inferior; finally, the workmanship: good The workmanship of the chair surface is very fine, whether it is the chair surface or the side. On the contrary, the rough and frizzy is inferior. The stool surface made of high-quality wrinkled FRP is a high-quality stool surface. The high-quality stool surface has the following advantages: non-slip, not easy to change color, resistant to scrubbing, high hardness, and not easy to wear. However, ordinary stools are made of low-cost materials due to the need to pay attention to cost, which has the disadvantages of being easy to crack and scratch.