How To Choose Solid Wood Dining Table And Chairs

- Jul 11, 2020-

The biggest advantage of solid wood dining tables and chairs lies in the natural wood grain and the changing natural colors, so it is loved by more and more people. So how should we buy a good solid wood dining table and chairs? What are the precautions for choosing solid wood dining tables and chairs?

solid wood dining table and chairs

How to choose solid wood dining table and chairs

1. The selection of solid wood furniture must first check whether the structure is firm, can be pushed longitudinally with force, and tested by hand pressure.

2. When purchasing, stand one meter away and observe that each place should be the same color. If the colors are consistent, if they are inconsistent, it is a color difference.

3. The surface treatment should be viewed from details, such as joints and back bends, whether the joints are tight and consistent with the positive effect.

4. In case of lines or irregular shapes, you can see whether there are irregularities on the light, whether the lines are smooth, the surface paint is uniform, whether the hand is smooth, whether there are burrs, etc. When the light is found, the color is clumped The color is uneven, and there are small circles on the surface. It is a product with imperfect technology and must be observed by light.

5. Wherever it is connected to the hardware, check whether the hardware and the wood are reasonable. If the process is not good, there are often paints on the hardware, scratches on the wood, or problems with firmness.