How To Choose Outdoor Dining Tables And Chairs

- Oct 23, 2020-

There is a special category of dining tables and chairs-outdoor dining tables and chairs. They are used in the open air. In general hotels, some restaurants and cafes will use outdoor dining tables and chairs. The following is an introduction to the purchasing skills of outdoor dining tables and chairs.

The biggest difference between outdoor dining tables and chairs and indoor dining tables and chairs is the use environment. Although usually there is cover above the open-air dining table and chairs, it is still unavoidable to be often exposed to wind and sun, dew and rain, and even severe wind and snow. Therefore, the material of outdoor dining tables and chairs must not use ordinary wood and metal, otherwise it is easy to rot and deform.


1. Anticorrosive wood dining table and chair

Wooden tables and chairs are still people's favorite style of dining tables and chairs. Outdoor dining tables and chairs use special wood, which is made of preservative wood. This material has excellent corrosion resistance and stable material, which is a special material for building wooden balconies. In fact, I believe that friends who like movies are no strangers to anticorrosive wood dining tables and chairs. The opening scene of "Pirates of the Caribbean 2" is set against a rainy day and a balcony, in which the outdoor wooden dining table and chairs are close-ups. So do you like this unique wooden dining table and chair?


2. Outdoor wrought iron dining table and chair

Iron dining tables and chairs are of course not made of iron, but made of alloys with excellent corrosion resistance. This is also one of the materials often used to make outdoor dining tables and chairs. The metal surfaces used in outdoor dining tables and chairs are generally made of aluminum or treated with baking paint. The load-bearing material is internal metal and the exterior is wrapped with anti-corrosion materials. It is not only beautiful in appearance, but also strong and durable. It is very suitable for making outdoor dining tables and chairs. However, if the restaurant purchases outdoor iron dining tables and chairs, you need to pay special attention to the rust prevention and maintenance of the connection parts of the tables and chairs, such as the screw positions, because these positions are the easiest to rust.


3. Rattan outdoor dining table and chair

Compared with the previous two dining tables and chairs, rattan dining tables and chairs seem to be more popular with people. This is not only the reason why rattan dining tables and chairs are natural, healthy and environmentally friendly, but also because rattan dining tables and chairs pay more attention to shape. Very beautiful. But pay attention, although the dining table and chairs made of pure natural materials have superior performance, they still can’t stop the long-term sun and rain. Therefore, in rainy and snowy weather, or weather with heavy humidity, rattan outdoor dining Tables and chairs still need to be put away.