How To Choose Household Dining Tables And Chairs

- Jul 11, 2020-

Dining tables and chairs are one of the necessary furniture for home life. With the improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to the dining environment at home, requiring dining chairs to have both comfort and artistry, and pursuing the elegance and comfort of the dining environment . So, how to choose home dining tables and chairs? What material is good for family dining tables and chairs? Let's take a look below!

household dining tables and chairs

Purchase and attention of household dining tables and chairs

1.Match the size of the restaurant

If the restaurant has a large area, you can choose a novel and unique dining table and chair with a large size; if the restaurant has a small area, it is recommended to choose a simple shape and a small size to avoid giving a sense of depression and making people uncomfortable.

2.Consider the number of families

If the family has a large population, it is recommended to choose a square dining table and chair with a larger size; if the population is small, you can choose a small irregular or square dining table and chair. In addition, try to reserve a little space when buying, so as to entertain guests later.

3.Consider decoration style

If the restaurant is a classical Chinese decoration style, you can choose the wood-colored Chinese dining tables and chairs, or use other elegant decoration to match, so that the living environment is more harmonious; if it is a new Chinese decoration style restaurant, you can choose brightly colored dining tables and chairs.

4.Consider decorating

In order to avoid the dull color of dining tables and chairs, you can choose some tablecloths with vibrant patterns or soft lighting lamps to create a warm and romantic dining atmosphere.

What material is good for household dining tables and chairs

1.Solid wood dining table and chairs

It is the most popular dining chair material in the family at present, common oak, ash (ash wood), beech, birch, pine and other wood, suitable for simple and stylish home style. The price of the solid wood dining table is between 3500 yuan and 4500 yuan, and the price of the dining chair is between 540 yuan and 600 yuan.

2.Marble dining table and chairs

This dining table and chair are divided into two types: natural marble and artificial marble. The natural marble dining table is elegant and beautiful, but the price is relatively expensive, and it is not easy to maintain; the artificial marble dining table has high density, oil stains are not easy to penetrate, and cleaning is easy.

3.Tempered glass dining table and chairs

It has good heat resistance, impact resistance, scratch resistance, wear resistance, etc. The style is fashionable, bold, avant-garde, crystal clear, and can be combined with other types of furniture. The key is easy to clean and maintain, which is very practical.

4.Sheet dining table and chairs

There are mainly two types of multilayer boards and integrated boards. Integrated boards have stability that solid wood materials do not have. And environmental protection is second only to solid wood, better than all other materials and some inferior materials made of restaurant tables and chairs, such as common blockboard and MDF.

5.Rattan dining table and chairs

Rattan dining tables and chairs are also relatively common in the family. Not only is the appearance very simple and natural, but also very distinctive, it is another pursuit of perfect fashion. The abrasion resistance and heat resistance of the rattan dining table are also relatively good, suitable for family use, which is a major trend in the selection of dining tables.