How To Choose Bar Chairs During Bar Decoration?

- Sep 29, 2020-

 As designers design the appearance of chairs, more and more bar chairs can satisfy people's visual impact in aesthetics. At the same time, the size of bar chairs has become an issue that people are more and more concerned about. There is no difference in size. , And has functions such as retractable, people can adjust at will according to their own hobbies, how to buy bar chairs during bar decoration?


1. The use of the bar chair material determines its portability and portability. Obviously it is made of wood. Of course, the effect of bamboo will be better. But if the bar owner thinks it is not suitable for cleaning, then the plastic delivery will be better.

2. The height of bar chairs should be regarded as the most important thing in bar design. Although all this depends on the height of the bar, people have their own standards. The appropriate height is anywhere between 7 and 13 inches above the bar chair seat.

3. Quality inspection of bar chairs: Check whether the structure of bar chairs is firm. When choosing bar chairs, you can drag them on the concrete floor, drop them gently, if the sound is crisp, it means the quality is better; if the sound is dumb, there is a split The murmur of libala shows that the mortise is not tightly integrated and the structure is not strong.

4. Choose a guaranteed bar chair brand. There are many brands of bar chairs. Different brands have different designs for bar chairs. First, choose a reliable brand, and then choose bar chairs from the appearance. You can consider the appearance design, size design, decoration and other aspects, and one more point is whether it is in harmony with the home decoration style.

5. The bar chair should be comfortable and able to sit for a long time. When shopping, the first thing is the shape curve of the bar chair. In addition to the appearance of harmony, the most important thing is to be comfortable. Because I will sit for a long time in the bar, I will not feel uncomfortable even if I ask for a long time. If there is an added cushion, the requirement for the cushion is not easy to deform, can provide proper support to the body, and can reduce the fatigue caused by the height of the bar chair.

6. The seat design of the bar chair should conform to the curve of the human body. The seat of the bar chair has two types: flat type and curved type. The curved type is more in line with the needs of the human body. It greatly increases the contact area between the body and the bar chair. According to the principle of pressure , The contact area is large, which can disperse the pressure of the human body and make sitting more comfortable. The curved surface is best designed with an inclined part to prevent people from sliding forward and stabilize the pelvis.