How To Choose A Dining Chair

- Feb 18, 2020-

Every family buys a dining table, because it must be used when eating. There are many types of dining tables, whether they are brands or sizes, so people need to pay attention when buying. More, what do you need to know about the dining chair size standards, and also how to choose a dining chair.

dining chair

What is the dining chair size standard?

1. Common size reference for dining table and chair:

(1) Dining table height: 750-790mm;

(2) Dining chair height: 450-500mm;

(3) Round table diameter: 500mm for two, 800mm for two, 900mm for four, 1100mm for five, 1100-1250mm for six, 1300mm for eight, l500mm for ten, and 1800mm for twelve.

(4) The size of the square dining table: 700 x 850 (mm) for two persons, 1350 x 850 (mm) for four persons, and 2250 x 850 (mm) for eight persons;

(5) Diameter of the turntable of the dining table; 600-800mm, the distance between the dining tables: (where the seat occupies 500mm) should be greater than 500.

2.760mmx760mm square table and 1070mmx760mm rectangular table are common table sizes. If the chair can reach the bottom of the table, even a small corner, you can put a six-seat dining table. When you dine, just pull out the table. The width of the 760mm dining table is a standard size, and at least it should not be less than 700mm, otherwise, the table will be too narrow when sitting against each other. The feet of the dining table are narrowed in the middle. If the four feet are arranged at the four corners, it is very inconvenient. Table height is generally 710mm, with 415mm height dining table and chairs. The table is lower, so you can see the food on the table more clearly when you eat.

3. Common table size: 12 people: 18008 people: 13004 people: 9006 people: 110010 people: 1500 round table 4 people: 850-1000 square table 4 people long table: length: more than 1300 width: 800-8850 people long table: length: 1400 -1500 width: 800-8502 people Long table: length: 800-850 width: 650. Unit: cm

How to buy a dining chair?

1. Try to feel comfortable on the dining chair, if the arm can be placed on the table naturally. To see if the dining chair is solid, it is frequently used. Pay attention to the material and splicing method of the chair. Generally speaking, the traditional tenon-and-mortise structure is relatively strong, and the dining chair is made of wood such as elm and beech. You can judge whether the chair is shaking by sitting. You can also judge by checking whether there are scars or cracks in the legs of the chair. The legs and supporting parts of the dining chair cannot be made of materials with knots and cracks, otherwise it will seriously affect the service life.

2. Shop according to the area of the restaurant. Try to avoid the metal and leather texture when you choose the dining chair according to the material. The coldness of the metal will reduce the warm atmosphere when dining. Leather is a precious material, and it is inevitable that you will encounter splashed soup during dining All kinds of oil stains, leather is not easy to clean. Therefore, the wooden chair is a solid choice to reflect the warm restaurant feel with fabric decoration. The style and size of the dining chair can be selected according to the area and size of the restaurant and personal preferences. If you have a large independent restaurant, of course you can choose a set of elegant and gorgeous large size dining chairs. If you have a small area, you can choose A folding dining chair is suitable.

What is the size standard of the dining chair? After reading the introduction, you will know that the size is divided into many types and there are different types. When buying, people should choose the appropriate one according to the situation of their home. It will be more convenient at that time. In addition, when choosing a dining chair, you must ensure that the good brand purchased is genuine.