How To Choose A Bar Chair

- Feb 26, 2020-

Bars are the most popular place of leisure and entertainment, and it has even become an important part of life. And throughout the bar, the bar chair has always played a very important role. It is not only the largest number of furniture in a bar, but also the most extensive furniture. The quality of the bar chair directly affects the consumer experience of the bar. A high-quality bar chair will make the bar more popular.


So what should a good quality bar chair look like? We together look!


First of all, the chair surface is where the guests come in contact. The bar chair should be made of suede fabric, which not only is comfortable to the skin, has a good touch, but also has the effect of fire and flame retardant. Many of the guests in the bar have a smoking habit. Bar chairs with suede fabrics are much safer than using a bit of burned chemical fiber fabrics.


In addition, the bar chair cleaning liquid of the suede fabric seat surface is very simple, and ordinary stains only need to be wiped with a neutral soap solution.


What are the characteristics of bar chairs? The chair surface is small, so the pressure of the bar chair surface per unit area is much higher than that of the bar sofa. And if the quality of the bar chair is not good, not only the chair surface will be deformed, but even the entire bar chair will be deformed. The filling of bar chairs is more demanding than that of ordinary sofas, and it is usually filled with high-density foamed molded cotton. It has excellent elasticity, good load-bearing capacity, strong plasticity, soft and comfortable, and is not easy to deform.