General Chair Size And Selection Skills

- Aug 05, 2019-

The chair has been integrated into our life. A chair can alleviate the fatigue in our life, providing a place and space for rest. When we buy a chair, we usually want to buy a product of suitable size. So, in general, what is the size of the chair, and what should we pay attention to when choosing a chair? Let's take a look at it.

The appropriate size of a chair can affect human health. If the chair is too short or the chair is too high, it will affect the human spine and lumbar vertebrae, especially for people's vision and body growth. If the chair seat is too high, it is like sitting in a high chair, it will feel very uncomfortable. If the seat is too low, people will feel more struggling when standing up; if the front width of the seat is less than the standard width The space of the chair will become narrower; if the depth of the seat is too deep, the calf will not sag naturally, and the calf will be easily oppressed; too shallow will make people feel unsatisfied.


General chair size: 983*808*1215MM

The bedroom is the owner’s private activity area. In addition to the usual bed and wardrobe, bedroom furniture should be as simple as possible, but adding a chair is one of the ways to adjust your mood. In the morning, the sun shines on the ground, drinking a cup of refreshing coffee in front of the bedroom window, sitting in front of the mirror is a daily homework. Don't jump too much in the color and style of the chair, so as not to disturb the impression of a quiet space.

General chair size: 804*781*1370MM

This chair with casters, the height and curvature of the back is usually designed to be more professional, and the height can be adjusted. It is made of 100% mahogany and has an oversized leather seat, which is very suitable for people who pay attention to the study. A relatively small study, or a person who prefers a fixed work chair, should pay attention to whether the design of the seat back is reasonable and whether the fabric is used properly. Lumbar muscle strain and cervical spondylitis are common diseases in modern people. To maintain good health, we need to start from the life.

Chair purchase precautions

Seat height

It should be equal to the length of the calf. After sitting down, the calf will naturally sag and the sole of the foot will land. Too high will cause the calf to hang, the underside of the thigh is too much pressure for too long; the seat is too low and will cause the thigh to not be placed on the seat surface, the body weight is concentrated to the buttocks, so it will be uncomfortable after sitting for a long time. .


In a seat-based chair, the depth of the seat should be similar to the length of the thigh. After sitting down, the bend of the knee joint is just to the side of the chair. If the seat is too deep, the back cannot rest on the back of the chair; the seat is too shallow It will cause the thighs to have insufficient support, so the seat is too deep or too shallow to be uncomfortable.

Chair and seat back material

Both should be "outer and soft inside" type - the bracket should be strong enough, but the surface has a certain thickness of elastic layer. The outermost material that comes into contact with the human body should be wear-resistant, dirt-resistant, breathable, and not easily electrostatically generated with the human body or clothing.