Features Of Stackable Dining Tables And Chairs

- Oct 23, 2020-


1. Save space

Choose a foldable dining table and fold the table to save space. When guests come, the dining table can be unfolded, which is very convenient and practical.

2. Has a strong decorative effect

There are many styles of foldable dining tables, which not only do not occupy space, but we can also put several vases on them, which has a strong decorative effect.

3. Strong functionality

Some foldable dining tables have their own storage function, which greatly increases the storage capacity of small-sized spaces. At the same time, chairs can also be placed inside the foldable dining table and used when necessary to improve space utilization.


1. Since the folding dining table has a folding function, it needs to be connected by a connecting piece. The dining table is composed of several table boards, and there will be a gap between each table board. Although the gap between the table top of the folding table is not obvious, it can hide dust and dirt. Storage residue and grease are likely to remain in the gap. If it is not cleaned in time, it will feel very untidy.

2. Folding dining tables are generally heavy and inconvenient when folded and assembled. Lightweight and dexterous materials will have the feeling of insufficient bearing capacity and unstable. Folding dining table is often used, the connecting hardware is easy to be damaged, and each part is easy to fall apart.