Custom Furniture Needs Attention To What Details

- Jul 25, 2019-

Consumers choose custom furniture, more is to look at the custom furniture to solve the problem of the size of the finished furniture and home housing, the color is not coordinated, the style is not coordinated. More importantly, custom furniture allows consumers to join their own furniture designs. But consumers are not professional people. Many of them may know custom furniture at a time. They don't know what problems and details should be paid attention to when custom furniture needs to be customized.

Custom furniture details, measuring tape

Many people think that the measuring tape is not just measuring the length, width and height? In fact, the ruler is an important part of custom furniture. If the size is wrong, the good-looking furniture that has been customized for a large price cannot be placed in the house. Will it cause people to vomit blood? The measuring ruler is related to the design style of the custom furniture. Because the current home space structure is more and more, there will inevitably be some beams.

Columns and other concave and convex places, so when custom furniture in the scale, be sure to mark the place with beams and columns, in the design of the program, cover these defects with custom furniture. If the consumer does not understand the scale. You can contact the designer of the custom furniture business to measure the size of your wardrobe, and the design of the wardrobe is available. Many custom furniture brands now offer free quantities.

Rule of service. If the designer of the furniture company comes to measure the scale, the consumer will tell the scale group of the furniture and the habits of the furniture to facilitate the design. For example, if the drawer used by the old man is not too high, the corners used by the child will be To be processed, custom furniture also reflects its convenience.

Custom furniture details 2, product solutions

After many consumers went to the store to see the product, they felt that this was good, but after installing it into their home, the effect was very poor. This is because the store is professionally designed, and the products of the store are based on the decoration style of the store and the space to install the product. Therefore, when customizing furniture, it is necessary to decorate the style with its own home, space size and space.

Structure to customize, determine the style, color, style. If the style, color, style, and good-looking furniture are not harmonious, it will not only fail to decorate the house, but will destroy the style of the whole home. Looking at the uncoordinated home, it did not realize the pleasing pleasing of the original custom furniture, but it made people feel upset and discouraged. If it is for my own family, I don’t know.

The custom-made furniture can tell the designer of the store to let the professional staff design the appropriate custom furniture for you.