Advantages Of Metal Furniture

- Jul 05, 2019-

The raw materials for metal furniture are cold-rolled steel sheets, which are smelted and rolled from mineral resources. With the rise of the "green revolution" in the steel industry and the promotion of the "zero-energy" production process, the metal materials will not waste resources for the society, from the selection to the production process and elimination after use. The unfriendly impact is a resource product that can be reused and continuously developed.

Fire prevention is mainly reflected in the fact that metal furniture can withstand the test of fire and reduce the loss to a small extent. Features of moisture protection * Suitable for the southern region. In the vast southern part of China, as long as the temperature is between 12 ° C and 14 ° C and the relative humidity is above 60%, it is a breeding ground for mold breeding and a hotbed of rust, precious paper documents, photos, instruments, valuable medicines, and various Disk film is likely to get wet. The moisture resistance of metal furniture can solve people's troubles.