What do you want to see when choosing metal furniture?

- Jul 05, 2019-

Compared with other materials, metal furniture is easy to use, flexible, light and beautiful, so many families like it. Here are some ways to choose metal furniture so that you can make the right choice.

When choosing metal furniture, be sure to sit up and try it out and shake your body. If the furniture is stable and there is no squeaking sound, it means the furniture is very strong.

After the test, you must first look at the overall appearance of the furniture. If it is electroplated furniture, the plating layer should be smooth, fresh and clean, without blistering and scratching. If it is painted furniture, it must be full, round and bright. The paint film layer must not be scratched or scratched. Then look at the connection parts of the furniture, the connection of the metal parts is mostly done by welding, so the welding parts can not be welded, open welding, and the phenomenon of air holes and welding can not occur, which directly affects the service life of the furniture.

There are many steel pipes on the metal furniture. Careful observation, the steel pipe can not have cracks, and the curved steel pipe can not have obvious wrinkles. Rivets are also used in some places in metal furniture, making sure that the rivets are smooth and free of hammers.

Summary: When choosing, you must actually operate it to see if they are flexible and stable, which can reduce a lot of trouble for us. In addition, metal furniture is afraid of the tide, and metal furniture is placed in an easily ventilated place.