What are the common materials for solid wood dining tables?

- Jul 25, 2019-

The dining table is an indispensable furniture product in the modern home restaurant. Generally, people prefer to choose a solid wood dining table, because the solid wood dining table is not only natural and environmentally friendly, but also has a long service life. Of course, there are many types of solid wood dining tables on the market. So what are the common materials for solid wood dining tables?

1. Ash:

Yellowish white (sapwood) or brownish yellow (heartwood). The annual rings are obvious but uneven, the wood structure is thick, the texture is straight, dull and the hardness is small. The ash has the characteristics of elasticity, toughness, wear resistance and moisture resistance. However, it is difficult to dry and easy to deform. Therefore, most of the current ash furniture is the main frame of ash wood, and the large area is partially ash wood.

2, pine:

It has a pine scent, a pale yellow color, a clear and beautiful pine texture, a smooth line and a good texture, but it is soft in texture, easy to swell, cracking and deforming. Because the texture of the pine is soft, it is easier to leave traces if a bump occurs. The price of pine is relatively low, and the pine table is still relatively easy to identify.

3. Birch:

The mechanical strength is strong, the elasticity is strong, and the annual rings are obvious. Therefore, the birch furniture produced is smooth and wearable, and the pattern is clear. Now it is used for the structure, the parquet and the internal frame. Birch has good processing performance, smooth cut surface and good paint and gluing performance. Therefore, the birch furniture is smooth and flat. The birch is hygroscopic and dry and easy to crack and warp. Therefore, birch furniture should not be too dry for indoor environment.

4. Beech:

The wood texture of eucalyptus is uniform, the texture is beautiful, the texture is hard, the impact is resistant, it is easy to bend under steam, it is not easy to be deformed under drying, and the processing, painting and gluing are better. The white eucalyptus is light pink, and the heartwood of eucalyptus is red after drying. Brown to brown, if the heartwood is cut during the course of the board, there will be reddish brown or brown stripes or ovals on the board.