Restaurant table and chair selection skills

- Jul 15, 2019-

If the kitchen is the most prosperous place in the home space, then the restaurant must be the best place to enjoy the kitchen fireworks. In fact, many owners have thought that the restaurant is nothing special, put on a table, a few chairs, can sit and eat, it does not need to be so particular, but with the standard of living and people's pursuit of quality of life, The view of the restaurant has also changed. What I want to share with you today is, what are the shopping table and chair selection techniques? How to choose a beautiful table and chair?

Simple full wooden dining table and chairs

Nowadays, with the prevalence of simple style, many consumers have begun to design their homes as simple style. In the simple style restaurant, the wooden tables and chairs are favored by many owners. The seemingly simple wooden tables and chairs are Crafts such as pattern carving and style design will show different effects, fresh and elegant, beautiful and practical.

Different color dining table and chair combination

The dinette of the same material, because of the different colors, will also bring a different style to the home space, using the different color combinations of the dining table and the dining chair, and the different color collocations make the home space more quality. The common table in life is mostly in light colors, but Xiao Bian wants to say that the pure black dining chair is well matched, and the value of the face is UP. Specifically, the same color black can be selected on the table stand and the color of the backrest of the dining chair, and the overall color is unified.

The family restaurant area can also be arranged in a card seat type, some of which are limited by the actual size of the house, it is difficult to achieve a separate restaurant area, the card seat type is a good choice, both beauty and space saving. Mix and match the dining chair with the slender line of chandeliers to create a café atmosphere at home.