How to mix restaurant furniture

- Aug 05, 2019-

1. The color of the restaurant furniture should form an organic whole with the home improvement environment.

The visual experience that color brings to people is very important, and different colors can also cause people to change their emotions. For example, in an environment where entertainment and leisure are more intense, the colorful colors can make people completely relaxed. The reason why bars, KTV and other entertainment venues often leave a beautiful, dazzling and ever-changing impression is this reason. . For example, dark black is easy to leave a solemn and solemn sense of formality, and dark black is better for use in an office or conference room environment.

The restaurant is a place for family reunion and gatherings. The color of the restaurant furniture should theoretically be relaxed in orange, Gris wood, classic walnut, beige and light gray, and it is easy to increase the appetite color. However, the restaurant furniture is located in the overall environment of the living room, and its color matching should be considered in harmony with the screen, ceiling, chandelier and floor tiles.

The family is a private personal space, and its decoration can not be as sullen as a public entertainment venue, leaving a sloppy, unfamiliar attitude towards life, and can not create a solemn and serious stereotype as the office environment. Therefore, the color of the restaurant furniture and the surrounding environment should not exceed three colors, and the proportion of the three major colors should be as close as possible.


2, the size of the restaurant furniture should obey the size of the space

Restaurant furniture should be arranged according to the size of the space. Just like people with short bodies try to buy small clothes, people with tall bodies want to buy large clothes. The restaurant does not have a fixed space, different floor plans, different decoration styles, and the size of the restaurant space is also different. For restaurants with large space, try to choose thick and wide dining room furniture. Large restaurants do not need to move restaurant furniture under normal circumstances. In addition to being comfortable and beautiful, the thick and wide dining room furniture avoids the sense of disharmony that is top-heavy and empty. The restaurant with a small space area chooses the modern minimalist style restaurant furniture with light weight and small size, which not only reflects the exquisite and orderly environment, but also effectively utilizes the space. The restaurant furniture is small in size and light in weight and easy to move at any time. When the number of people eating is reduced, the furniture can be stored to expand the space environment.

3, restaurant furniture needs to be harmonious with the decoration style

The home improvement style is divided into modern minimalist style, natural style, traditional style, modern style, post-modern style, mixed style, European style, Chinese classical style and many other forms. The different types of restaurant furniture represent the cultural connotations of different regions, different times and different nationalities. Whether the restaurant furniture culture is unified with the home decoration culture, it represents the master's art position, hobbies and cultural literacy level.