How to configure the dining table chair

- Jul 30, 2019-

First, the "horizontal space" dinette configuration method

1 The dining table can be placed horizontally to give a visually widened feeling.

2 The length of the long table can be selected. When the body is not enough, you can borrow from other spaces to extend the width of the space and break the limits of the beam.

3 It is necessary to pay attention to the sense of distance after the chair is opened. If the dining chair is 130 to 140 cm away from the wall, it does not need to leave a distance of about 90 cm.

4 It is best to have a depth of 70 to 80 cm or more from the edge of the table to the wall, and the distance of 100 to 110 cm is most comfortable.

5 The distance between the dining cabinet and the dining table chair in Dalian should also be noted. To open the drawer or open the door, avoid conflict with the table. It should be at least 70~80 cm.


Second, the "straight space" dinette configuration method

1 The table can be used to enhance the depth of visual sense. The distance principle is similar to the horizontal space, but it should be noted that the distance between the dining cabinet and the dining chair must be kept at a certain distance, so that the moving line looks smoother and the dining cabinet is more convenient to use.

2 Optional long table with mid-island or bar, if the space is too long, you can choose a round table that can shorten the distance to achieve the modification.

3 The table is preferably 190-200 cm long and can be used as a work table at the same time.

4 The dining chair can be fixed at four places at the dining table, and the other two can be used as spare books. It can also be used as a book chair, but it should be noted that the proportion is not limited.

5 The dining chair is limited to no more than two design styles. If you need six dining chairs, it is recommended to have four styles and two different styles.

Third, the "square space" dinette configuration method

1 It can be said that it is the best configuration shape. Round table or long table is suitable. It is usually recommended to use a long table for space and a round table for small space.

2 The dining table can also be purchased in a longer style, adding 6 seats to 8 seats.

3 The distance between the dining chair and the wall or dining cabinet is preferably 130-140 cm.

Fourth, the "irregular shape" dinette configuration method

Try a little bit of creativity and put the table at a 45-degree angle.

Although it will waste a lot of space, it can break the traditional way of setting up the table and chairs, making the space look more flexible and transforming the shortcomings into advantages.