How to choose a dining table and chair in a western restaurant

- Jul 05, 2019-

With the development of the economy and the accelerated pace of people's lives, Western restaurants are opening more and more. Especially where the population is concentrated, it is everywhere.

With the increase of Western restaurants, the competition in the industry is becoming more and more intense. Creating a good dining atmosphere for customers is something that everyone values. So, how can we create a better dining atmosphere for our customers?

1. Choose a restaurant fast food table according to the size of the restaurant. Generally speaking, the round dining table has a large occupied area, which is used in large restaurants and small restaurants to avoid using.

2. Choose a dining table according to the style of the restaurant. The shape and color of the dining table should be unified with the restaurant, so that it looks more harmonious. Of course, the color can also be used for secondary processing by using the table cloth to achieve a uniform effect.

3. The material of the dining table and chair, there are many kinds of table tops. Currently, the materials used are * solid wood, marble and glass. The characteristics of various materials are different. For example, solid wood is natural and beautiful, but it is not easy to clean. The glass material is easy to clean but also more dirty. It must be wiped frequently.

4. The dining table and chair should not be too heavy, and the chance of the chair being dragged and moved is very high. Therefore, if it is too heavy, it will bring a lot of unnecessary troubles to your life.