Buy solid wood furniture, what wood is good

- Jul 25, 2019-

Nowadays, because people's quality of life is getting higher and higher, there are many requirements for the purchase of furniture. Because solid wood furniture is environmentally friendly and healthy, everyone likes it. For solid wood furniture, the material is very important. What kind of material is good?

1. The choice of furniture needs to be selected according to different needs. The solid wood furniture depends on the specific use. It is not necessary to purchase all kinds of wood. For example, the table can be made of oak, because the table is generally used for eating, and it is not necessary to use too expensive wood.

2. When choosing a desk or a chair, we can choose wood like ash, because desks and chairs are generally used for study and work. The wood is harder and has a waist and joints. benefit.

3. When choosing a cabinet, we can choose furniture such as teak. Because this kind of furniture is durable and has good preservation of the items, the teak itself is better in corrosion resistance, which is very suitable for furniture such as cabinets. You can consider it.

4. Choosing furniture such as coffee table and flower stand, we can choose materials such as eucalyptus and poplar, because the table usually puts some tea set to drink tea, so it is better to use these woods, eucalyptus and poplar are durable and glued. Not bad.

5. In addition, some furniture in the home can also choose the wood quality, because the weight of the eucalyptus itself is moderately flexible, and the wooden structure of the eucalyptus is very fine, slightly fragrant, not easy to deform when dry, and the dressing table not bad.

6. Choosing the wood of the bed is very important, because the sleeping bed is related to everyone's health. According to the research, the hardwood bed is a sleeping material. Generally, the wooden wood of the bed can be chosen. The price of the wood is lower, and the expensive wood has Mahogany and fragrant sandalwood sit on the bed.

7. In the solid wood furniture, don't buy the so-called wood-wood combination furniture. In fact, it seems that the advertisements and advertisements are solid wood, but in fact, it is a combination of wood and wood furniture, but it is still a heavy pollution. !