1. Q:Why is the color difference between the picture and the real object?

A: Product pictures are taken in real objects. However, due to the influence of lighting, angles and different display screens in the photography process, there may be subtle color differences between the pictures and the real objects. Please take the real objects as your reference.

2. Q:How about the logistics freight?

A: 1. Furniture can only be delivered through professional logistics companies due to its particularity. Due to different distances, different volumes and different freight costs, please consult customer service for specific freight costs.

-2. Furniture belongs to large products. In order to protect the safety of products during transportation, some products are suggested to be made of wooden frames.

-3. Logistics companies in some areas cannot arrive, please consult customer service before placing an order, and negotiate the logistics transportation route that can be reached.

3. Q:How long will it take to ship the order?

A: Furniture has a certain production cycle and different kinds of products will have greater differences. Due to the particularity of furniture production, the delivery time will often fluctuate. Customer service notice shall prevail.

4. Q:Door - to - door installation of products?

A: General furniture products are not covered door installation oh! If there is a need for installation, sales customer service can help introduce and contact the corresponding third party on-site installation service providers for your service, you can consult the specific fee standard specific service providers oh!

5. Q:Do you sell office furniture in retail?

A: I'm very sorry that duohang office furniture does not directly sell office furniture products to foreign customers for the time being. At present, it only accepts batch orders for customization.

6. Q:How can I know the prices of your office furniture products?

A: As there are many kinds, models, specifications and configurations of office furniture, duohang office furniture has not been listed on the surface price of the product brochure for the time being. If you want to make an inquiry, please contact the online customer service staff of duohang .

7. Q:Do you have a choice of colors and specifications for office furniture?

A: According to the actual situation, there are many colors and specifications for you to choose from.For more information, please contact our customer service staff.

8. Q:What do I need to know about customizing and ordering office furniture?

A: Duohang office furniture suggests you first determine your own needs, such as what kind of material of office furniture you need, what kind of material is suitable for what kind of office environment, how to match office furniture, what style you need, etc. If you are not sure, please contact the staff of duohang .

9. Q:I don't like office furniture after receiving it. Can I return it?

A: Duohang office furniture will design office furniture according to your requirements and strictly check the product quality. If it is not the product quality problem, you cannot return it.

10. Q:If you are interested in duhang home products, how can I contact you?

A: Please find online customer service on the website for consultation or send an email to contact our professional sales customer service.

11. Q:What after-sales service do you have when buying your office furniture?

A: Free professional delivery in the city. From the date of delivery of goods, five years of warranty service.