Duohang office furniture suggests you first determine your own needs, such as what kind of material of office furniture you need, what kind of material is suitable for what kind of office environment, how to match office furniture, what style you need, etc.If you are not sure, please contact the staff of duohang.

According to the actual situation, there are many colors and specifications for you to choose from. For more information, please contact our customer service staff.

Different Wood Materials

Carbide pine The brushed color pine
Carbide pine The brushed color pine
Red oak Oak toothed plate
Red oak Oak toothed plate

Different Colors and Textures of Leather and Metal Material

Texture of leather materialTexture of metal material

Different colors of metal materials

Different colors of leather materials

Texture and color

About the Color Difference

The product pictures are taken by the photographer, and the sub-light and display color deviation, personal understanding of color and other reasons, which may lead to some differences between the real objects and the photos. This kind of problem does not belong to the quality problem of the goods, please refer to the actual goods.

About Logistics

Small goods default yto express, large goods default line logistics. Dedicated logistics may not display tracking and positioning information, which does not mean that the goods are stagnant or not shipped. Contact customer service personnel for logistics information.

About the Delivery

Furniture products have a certain production cycle and there are big differences between different types. We will indicate the corresponding production cycle in each product information. If there is a shortage of goods, we will contact you in time. Due to the particularity of furniture products, the delivery time will often fluctuate. Please follow the customer service notice.

Charge Remind

All products are sent after strict packaging and careful inspection, please buyers face to face inspection when taking delivery of goods, if found out of stock, damage, etc., can refuse to sign and contact us as soon as possible, if there is a shortage of goods, damage, etc., after signing, please provide packaging photos and other relevant proof to us, we will make appropriate treatment.

Shipping Instructions

If you have problems in receiving and installation, please contact customer service at any time, we will give professional guidance. If you need to return or replace the products after receiving the products due to quality problems (non-human, no use), please contact customer service for feedback, and we will accept the return or replacement after confirmation.

About the Comments

We attach great importance to every reasonable quotation. No matter what the problem, please contact the customer service staff in time, we will take the initiative to solve objectively. If we have any comments or Suggestions, we will listen to them carefully and give feedback.