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So who know the place · I have forgotten to come to dozens of zhao, made hundreds of tables, hundreds of cabinets, hundreds of chairs, or to thank the 2 boss recognition and support, and the cooperation of each department!Also has introduced the person huang family noodle shop huang boss - really is extremely thanks!

chairs Lin'an City Primary School Pictures

Chenxi primary school east campus, library reconstruction, all use this stool...It is durable and can be used until the centennial anniversary.

Tables for campus reconstruction chairs for campus reconstruction

Modern industrial style bar.

Modern industrial style bar

 duohang chairs

Lin 'an international star movie city VIP seat.

Star Hotel table and chairs Hotel tables and chairs

Star hotel.

Hot pot table  barbecue table

Hot pot table, barbecue table, burning stone table, durable for decades.

tables in the pub chairs in the pub

All the tables and chairs in the pub.

Minimalist art cafes restaurants

Minimalist art cafes and restaurants.

Modern Metal Dining Chair Metal Dining Chairs

image021 Wood Dining Chair

Leisure Leather Dining Chair Simple Wooden Dining Chair

Metal Side Chair Retro Metal Lawn Chairs

Black Metal Chairs Vintage Metal Folding Chairs

Industrial Stackable Metal Chair Dining chair

The university cafeteria